4 Tips For Work-Life Balance, & Pursuing Dreams

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Sharonne Lanier is a Wife, Mother of three boys, an Actress, AND a Nurse. I often wondered how in the world does she manage being a nurse, a wife, a mother, and pursuing acting? All of it is DEMANDING. Let's find out how you can balance work, life, and pursuing your dreams. 

Well it's not easy, but I just take it one day at a time. It helps that I only work part-time as a nurse. 

  • Having a strong support system is essential. 

My family understands that performing is a God given passion and part of my destiny. My husband is fully supportive and even helps me with auditions. He's not very outspoken so when I first asked him to be my reader (when recording auditions, the person reading the lines off camera is called a reader), he was very shy and didn't really want his voice to be heard.  But he overcame that just for me and now records with me in a heartbeat!  My kids often help me run lines and they always compliment me when they see my work even if it's not very good, lol!

  • Align your priorities properly.

I have to constantly remind myself to put God first and to put my family above my careers. I mean if I'm not putting God first, does anything mean anything? And if I'm not putting my family above my career, I'm neglecting the very precious gifts God gave me to nurture and journey with through this life.

  • Let your kids have a fit. They will be okay!

My kids don't like it when I go out of town which I often have to do for my line of work. It's funny though because I've actually never had to be gone longer than a week at a time for shooting a gig. I've done gigs that last longer than a week, but I've always gotten a chance to come home in between. And I would say at this point I'm traveling once every 3-4 months if that. So in my mind I'm not away from the family all that much. However, my kids like to throw pity parties, lol!  As a matter of fact, I went out of town a couple of weeks ago and I was literally gone for one night and the kids were complaining! I was like, "Guys, really? It's ONE night!" They're so dramatic, it's hilarious! I mean, honestly, I work 12 hour night shifts at the hospital and I usually do my nights consecutively. So there are times when the kids don't see me much at all for an entire weekend. They don't complain much about that at all! But when I go out of town, all of a sudden they feel the need to make a big to do about it. I guess it's kind of cute though. I really think it's more about them wanting to take a road trip with me as opposed to how much they're going to miss me for ONE day, lol! I do however make time management a priority and try to make sure I spend an adequate amount of time with my family.  I've been learning to say "no" and I don't mind turning down opportunities if it means my family will truly suffer from it.

  • Stop thinking that it's impossible!

Like Nike says, "Just do it!" My mom once told me something I'll never forget. She said, "I believe God gives you dreams and visions for a reason. Don't run from it." Life can be incredibly distasteful when you're not living in the purpose God has designed for you. Trusting and relying on Him, although it may be hard, is incredibly worth it!  Pursue God and His will for your life and everything else will fall into place. We must constantly remind ourselves that we're not living for us, we're living for Him. And He alone can give us true peace.

Q: What was it like to have a supporting role in Summer of 67'? How did you manage being away from your family? 

'Summer of '67' has a story line based on real events with a message of hope and faith during a tragic time in the Vietnam War. Filming this movie was an absolute privilege and honor! The story mainly focuses on two sisters played by Rachael Shrey and Bethany Davenport. My story comes underneath theirs. The character I portray, Ruby Mae, is a young woman who has learned the value of walking in faith. Sharon Wilharm, the director, gave us a lot of freedom so it was really liberating and fun to develop my character. We received the script at least three months in advance, so I had plenty of time to prepare.

Because time was unusually on my side, I was able to tackle things little by little. I read the script in its entirety a couple of times and read my scenes over and over again questioning and answering the who's, what's, when's, where's, and why's. We shot in Nashville, TN and my character was filmed over a period of two weeks. However, the shoot days were not consecutive. So I was able to come up one week for a couple of days, travel back home, and then come up again. The kids didn't complain about my traveling for this particular project. But that's probably because my parents came to Atlanta from Florida to support my husband with the kids while I was away. They always enjoy spending time with their grandparents!

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