Aure Lion: God is the Energy

Aure Lion, a reggae and jazz Artist, was the first participant of the #JesusChristChallenge we endorsed on Instagram. He has such a light and sweet spirit and he's all the way from Belgium but raised in Ghana. Check out his story and video submission into the challenge below, with the tall carton of orange juice (I love oj too) 😛

"My real name is Aurelien Ngoyi Fussen, a mixture of Congo, Belgium, and Germany and I lived 11 years in Ghana, West Africa. I never really studied music but I discovered guitar at 16 and since then I couldn't put it down. My father died a few years later, and I was not able to play music from my twenties until nine months ago!

I really feel like its the best place where I give effort, and I really feel something passing through me when I play sometimes. That feeling is what I try to share. I sing in French and English and I try to fuse reggae with jazz and alternative pop. I realized since I was a kid that I had a lot of love songs and a lot of songs speaking about God or life as we know it. I really feel like music is almost saying the same thing to everyone: God, Love, and Share.

You can find my latest track called Zombination on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The next one is in French and its called, Et Si. I will definitely put up some translations so everyone can understand. 😉

Think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations.

God is the Energy, Music is a frequency, and Vibrations are the result of love flowing.

I hope you enjoy my music!"

Follow Aure Lion:

IG: @aureli0n

FB: Aure-lion

YT: Aurelien Fussen


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