Blake Alexander: Life After Addiction

Blake Alexander is a new Christian Hip-Hop Artist from Ottawa, Canada. He always had a musical bent but didn't pursue a career until just a year ago in 2019. Blake has a past of drug and alcohol addiction and has been sober for two years, praise God! Personally, his story is a testimony to me. I have a father who has been battling drug addiction for over 20 years. To see yet another person walk in freedom from this destructive lifestyle gives me hope that God still can save. More about Blake below.

In 2018 his addiction took him to places he would wish no one would ever have to be. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, he ended up homeless on the street of downtown Ottawa. He ended up living in hospitals, shelters, and trap houses to stay out of the cold. During the summer, he lived in parks and anywhere else he could. Though still struggling, he kept working on his craft. He proceeded to find any way to record his music, by any means possible. He would record in cars, parks, hospital washrooms, and libraries.

In 2018, Blake decided that he had enough and checked himself into a long-term Christian-based drug and alcohol treatment center in Ottawa. He explained

that he knew God was always present in his life and was watching over him. This is when he really accepted the help he needed and got connected with a community. He also built his relationship with Jesus during his time in treatment.

While in treatment, Blake decided that he was going to change his style of music. Changing it from the secular music we commonly hear today, to rapping about change, hope, faith, how others can overcome addiction, and how they can build their own relationship with God. "New life” was created, recorded, and released from his bedroom in treatment.

Blake has said that this is only the beginning and has plans on sharing the gospel. He also states,

Its never too late to change and we all can overcome addiction with the help of community and Jesus.

Since then, he has released two singles called, “Hallelujah” and “The Usual”.

He is also currently working on his 2nd album, “Life After”.

Read Blake's article from the recovery center in Canada:

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