God Will Never Forget About You

Updated: Mar 23

Submitted by Author and Writer Hanah St. Rose.

Hanah St. Rose - She Writes For The Lord

The world is going through so much, but please know that God wants us to have hope during this time. The scripture Hebrews 13:8 has been on my mind during this time where it states that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Yes, the news is constantly talking about COVID-19, natural disasters, and even issues with the economy. We must take what is going on seriously, but please know that the Lord Almighty God is still in complete control. The scripture above is a powerful reminder of how Jesus Christ is all powerful and he never changes no matter what is going on. The issues in the world right now could cause us to lose hope, but know that God is still on the move and the Lord wants his children to press into his presence like never before. The Lord hasn’t forgotten about us during this dark season and God will never forget about his children no matter what we may face. The Lord is calling his children to be the light and to continue to walk in his supernatural power. Yes, we must all use practical wisdom, but also call out to God daily for His supernatural wisdom to make it through this time.

We have to cling to the strength of God and remember who we are in Christ.

We can’t let what we see make us forget about what God said to us. God can’t lie and we must allow the promises of God to be our guide. There is a bright future ahead for each of us and this world. God is still in the healing business and God works even when we don’t understand everything that is going on. Jesus Christ has already taken care of sin and death. We must remember that Jesus Christ has already taken care of the issues we battle with daily. We must remember that God wants to bring comfort and God is walking with us during this time. We may not always feel God, but He is always there. We must remind ourselves daily to go by what the word of God states and to stand on the word of God no matter what comes across our path. The word of God has the answers we need, so we can navigate through this time effectively and so we can have the peace we desire. We must know in faith that God can and will turn these situations around.

If you've never had faith in Jesus, we invite you to learn about His plans for redemption here.

Although, many of us are taking more time at home because of what's going on, I'm using this time for reflection and I am realizing that Christ is still the same no matter what is going on in the world. I took time out recently to reflect about my life and how God called me to write for him. I started thinking about my purpose and the challenging times in my past. God helped me through so much and His word gave me the strength that I needed during each time of testing or trial. God brought me out of many seasons and as I think about what is going on in the world right now, it makes me realize that if God brought me out of difficult times. I know that God will bring us all out of what’s going on now and heal us. I can see God’s healing hand in many circumstances in my life, so I know that nothing is hard for Him. I even remember when I was younger how I would write stories and how each story had a deep meaning behind it. When I got older, I realized God was calling me back to writing for Him when I started asking Him about my destiny. I remember a few years ago I started writing devotionals and ideas for books started popping up in my mind during my prayer time with God. I knew God was bringing everything full circle.

God told me a few years ago to write a devotional called God Will Never Forget About You. It's a 31 day devotional and when I was first writing it I didn't know what God wanted to do with it, but as time went on, He gave me clarity to publish it. I knew I wanted other people to know how much God loved them and to feel connected to God in a greater way especially during difficult times. I see now that my devotional was written for a reason and I pray that you would take the time to read the encouraging words God gave me. I pray we all would take time out during this season and look back on how far God has brought each of us. We may not see during the battle what God is doing or why he allows what he allows, but He is still a loving God. He is still a God that can protect and God is still a God who wants to show you who He is in your life. You may feel pressure or even feel down, but know God is with you during any storm. I know if God can show me my purpose years ago; I know God can show you what your purpose is. I know God can bring a great healing and redemption to the broken places in your life. My writing brings healing and I pray it will bring healing to hurting hearts.

If I wanted you to know one thing I want you to know that God will never forget about you no matter what you face. This world may have so much going on, but if we all stand in faith and continue to pray, we will see the miraculous happen.

Hanah St. Rose is a writer and author of God Will Never Forget About You, currently available on Amazon!

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