How to Choose A Good Stage Name

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Of course we aren't going to share how Artists get their stage names without showing you how to pick one. 😉 Are you an aspiring Entertainer/Musician and can't figure out what your stage name should be? Whether you just want to sound cool, or you want to be discreet, we have a few tips and short stories about how to pick a name.

Honestly, there are few reasons why you might need one.

  1. Maybe your parents were "very creative" with your birth name and you'd rather give your audience a better pronunciation. If your name is as creative as Watermelondrea... then I highly recommend using Drea to cover that up lol. 😅

  2. You want to be unique and add more meaning to your persona. Not that your birth name isn't meaningful, truthfully, you as a person is what gives the name its meaning. But most people want to choose something different that they feel most defines them.

  3. You think your name is bland and needs some umph in it. (no Jagged Edge pun intended)

Take M.K.J for instance. His name is Malik Kiambe Johnson, but his stage name initials represent something different.

He believes that the Lord gave him this name as a constant reminder that the platform he stands on is God's. Man, isn't that #goals? To keep ourselves humbled wherever God takes us? The moment we exalt ourselves beyond God is the moment we lose and fall from whatever pedestal we carved for ourselves.

It's important to remember, if we are true workers in the Kingdom, to build on God's name and not our own. Jesus' name is the Name above every name!! Amen?! And I believe M.K.J exhibits this well. He is one of the most professional Artists I've had the pleasure to work with and the youth in Memphis keep him busy! Make sure you carve out time to go listen to his album, 'Believe The Hype'.

Sooo, not everyone will receive a revelation from the Lord about choosing a stage name. Sometimes you have to get creative. I remember when I tried to choose a different name for my acting career. It's an embarrassing story, to be honest. I was still a newbie to the industry and all of the talent had to create online profiles for Actors Access. On the profile section, they ask you for your stage name. At the time, my Facebook business page name was 'Princess Jasmine'. Lol, I blame my dad, he named me Jasmine because of Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie, 'Aladdin'. So.... I put Princess Jasmine as my stage name. Shortly after, I got a call from my agency asking me about it and they told me to never ever do that again. 🙄 It is unprofessional for Actors to pick a name like that UNLESS you're a big name and no one cares what you do cause you got a lot of money. Like Snoop Lion for instance.

So get creative, but not so much for acting. Actors usually will go by their middle name, a nickname, or a shorter version of their real name. Musicians have a little more fun and no one cares lol. Have you seen the new rappers today? And their names pretty much match their weird and scary persona.

Here's a creative way to come up with a name. JayMarrs Music really had to think this one through to come up with a name this way lol.

You kinda have to play a puzzle word game with this method. Rearrange the letters in your name and see if you come up with something dope. I think JayMarrs is pretty cool coming out of Jovanny Marcial; which sounds like a very expensive cologne. He's got some pretty chill Drake vibes music, make sure you catch some vibes on JayMarrs Spotify profile.

If this method is difficult for you, think about a nickname, or even a baby name that your folks used to call you and put a twist on it. My nickname is always Jazz, but Jazzy Pha is taken; and he also took Jazzy Fizzle. Miley Cyrus actually got her name from a childhood nickname, Smiley. See? Just think of how you can twist it to sound better.

Slim Vezzy had this similar incident in creating his stage name. It was something he just ran with and he added a spin to it.

This is very sentimental to Slim Vezzy and we're sorry that things went that way. Perhaps you have a sentimental nickname that you can use as a tribute to a loved one's life. My late grandmother used to call me Jazzy Wazzy, and no one else has ever called me that; I won't even let them so don't try it.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to choose a name, how to keep it professional, and make sure you are building God's name above all else. At Entertaining God Magazine, we hope to encourage you in your purpose and offer tips along the way.

What are some crazy stage names that you've heard? Are you needing help brainstorming a name? Join our private group and leave a comment!

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