Jt Wicker: Christ Be the Name I Speak

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We recently met Jt Wicker during the #JesusChristChallenge, a challenge we endorsed by Christian Soul Artist, n.e.r.d. Life by D'Vo. Her fun personality brought some laughs to the challenge and introduced us to her unique approach to creativity and music. See what we mean?

Jt was born in Detroit, Michigan and was DMV raised throughout her adolescence. She put aside her natural talents in the creative field as a representation that she was not going to be idolized nor idolize any greater status than Jesus Christ. Jt graduated from college with an AA and works as a Behavior Therapist and Account Manager for Every Day Success Team Marketing Co.

Not only does she write beautiful songs, but she also choreographs fun dances to hip-hop videos. You can find them on her Youtube channel, all filmed by Garrison Irwin, a local filmographer.

“After so many open doors to be grounded in my local community as a creative with a purpose, I decided that I would take them with the contingency that Christ be the name I speak more than my own.”

In April 2020, Jt Wicker released her first project entitled, #kanyewest, a four song EP of songs old and new from the young poetic rapper. Stating, “With the powers that be, I’d say Kanye West put his life on the line having the name above all names as the cover and theme for “Jesus Is King”. He made a love move believing God’s power is greater and I think he opened a door for artists to be fearless and bold about the truth.”

Jt’s newest single “The Needy” has over 35k streams on Spotify and we hear she is in the works with a sister song as well as two music videos for them both. Jt Wicker is distinctly a lit wick among the candles within the body of Christ. If God is for her, who can be against her?

Thanks Jt, for joining the Jesus Christ Challenge and for sharing your gift with us!

Listen to Jt Wicker on Spotify.

IG: @JtWicker

FB: Jt Wicker


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