Katrina Bills: "Rise and Shine"

We had the pleasure of connecting with a radio host named Katrina Bills. She hosts a radio show on Katz Radio called, 'Rise and Shine'. She currently resides in Memphis, TN and serves a word of encouragement for her audience in Dallas/Ft. Worth area at 7, 10, and 11am Central Time. Learn more about Katrina Bills below.

Katrina Bills Katz Radio host
Katrina Bills 'Rise and Shine' Radio Host

"At an early age, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in a church in Mississippi. All believers are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am using my talent and gift serving via radio broadcasting.

I was surfing the internet one evening and I contacted KATZRADIO on Facebook. I messaged a representative requesting room for a Broadcaster who enjoys sharing biblical scriptures. Cami McCraw was delighted of my gift and my desire to speak on biblical studies. Cami and I shared a laugh that we both have hurricane names and immediately our spirits connected! The invitation to join the KATZ Radio Family became extended.

It's important as believers that we exercise our faith and walk in our calling yielded to God's direction. Being on the air sharing biblical scriptures and prayer is a blessing beyond measure and I pray that others will truly walk in faith, not by sight and will continue to follow the guidance of the Lord."

Here is a small snippet of one of my devotionals:

Connect with Katrina Bills on Twitter.

Katrina's Podcast.

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