Lauren Daigle 'YOU SAY' on Secular Radio Stations

Many Christians cringe at the mention of Lauren Daigle but I am actually applauding and excited for the recent success she has had. Lauren Daigle is a newly Grammy-awarded Christian Contemporary Artist, whom has graced shows such as The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to name a few.

She is also recently known for some controversy in regards to the sin of homosexuality, of the which many Christians have shown their disapproval. I'm not going to add to the accusations, I choose to look at the bright side of her 'superstardom.' If our gracious God can overlook our offenses then why shouldn't we do the same for others? After all, love covers a multitude of sins, not hatred and condemnation.

I honestly get super excited whenever I hear Lauren Daigle's song, 'You Say', being played in restaurants, grocery stores, and secular radio stations. Hearing a gospel song on a station that's majority Pop/Rock and bleeps out profanity is mind-blowing and inspired me to write this post.

I don't know about other Believers but I am in awe at the glory of God through her crossover. Just imagine the millions of souls listening to a secular radio station, many whom are without Christ, suddenly hear a song telling them that they are loved when they can't feel, and that they are strong when they are weak. I can only imagine how many lost souls have felt vulnerable, alone, and heard exactly what they needed to hear in that moment. That's what God does because He loves the world.

Let's put ourselves in their shoes. Who else is giving them a message from God like this? There are countless Christian artists out there, but how many have their songs played on secular stations? There are some people who will NEVER step foot in a church, but they listen to music faithfully. Do you think God isn't trying to reach them? That would make the Great Commission a vain mission.

We don't know how many people have actually called on the name of the Lord by listening to this song, but God knows and she will also know when she stands before Him.

Why Is This a Win For Us?

Truly this is a great thing and the goal that we aim for and celebrate at Entertaining God Magazine. We believe that this should be our ultimate goal with whatever calling God has given us:

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." - Matthew 5: 15-16

So let's stop condemning and attempting to go viral by speaking against Lauren Daigle and her shortcomings. Let us instead pray for her and ask God to send more light workers into the field.

Have you heard Lauren Daigle's 'You Say' on other stations and in stores? What does this mean to you? Let us know in the comments and share this post!

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