Miz Tiffany: All of Your Gifts Can Make Room For You

We have always thought of Miz Tiffany as a multi-talented entrepreneur who has been blessed with room for all of her gifts. She's a mother of 3, a female rap artist in Christian Hip-Hop, a Children's Book Author, AND an Actress and Model. Mom's really can wear a lot of hats. We're very excited to finally pick her brain, so we've asked her a few questions about her purpose and where God is taking her.

Q: What are the challenges that you face as a female in the Christian Hip-hop sector and being a female independent artist?


"I enjoy what I do. Being a woman in ministry in addition to an independent artist has not been an easy call or task, but I’ve been graced and chosen to do it. I’ve personally managed my career and have made quite a bit of history in doing so. I’ve faced the same challenges any artist may face like building a base of listeners and fans - people who receive your music and support your artistry, connecting with honest people who are sincere, genuine, and truly support your endeavors and can help elevate your career. Also finding the appropriate niche, markets, opportunities for exposure, resources/investments/investors, then promoting and building traction both off and online. Things are shifting and female artists are on the rise within the genre of Christian Hip-Hop."

Q: Tell us about how you became a Children's book Author and your heart behind it.


"I've always wanted to be a children's book author since I was a young girl. I often wrote poetry and short stories; then I’d punch holes in the sheets of paper and use a metal prong or stapler to combine them. I seriously started writing my first children's book when I was in graduate school. I used to read it to my sons. They thought it was great. I promised them that I’d publish it one day. After a while, I placed the notebook on my closet shelf and it sat there for years. I thought it was just another one of my writing concepts - as I had a plethora of writings archived in several notebooks from the past. While doing some spring cleaning, I ran across the notebook and decided it was time. I refined the story line and began researching the publishing process. I remained steadfast and determined. I believed in myself, so I sacrificed and invested my time and resources into this endeavor. It didn’t just happen overnight, and I am proud to say that I am a published author. My first release is entitled, “Hippos Downtown” and it is available through most major book distributors including Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and Amazon. I will release another title by this summer and I have a huge surprise to reveal along with it! I am grateful."

Q: You also Act and Model, tell us how all of this ties in to your purpose for the Kingdom of God.


"Acting and modeling are near and dear to my heart just as much as music. How I became an actress and model was definitely connected to my purpose for the kingdom of God. It was during the summer of 2016 when I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to film my music video, “I Ain't Preaching to the Choir”, that my makeup artist, Gabrielle Devine complimented me on my beauty and extended an opportunity for me to model for her makeup company. She stirred a gift that was dormant for quite some time. My mother used to dress me in outfits every other day and take pictures of me when I was a little girl. She saw the gifting early on. Gabrielle helped me to realize that I could not only be a music artist, but also add modeling to the brand of Miz Tiffany. There was quite a bit of momentum around modeling work for me when I returned to my hometown and things began to rocket after that. I started working with local photographers and boutiques to build my portfolio. It was during a photo shoot that my attributes were recognized and the gifting was stirred yet again. I was given some instructions to follow and submit for acting opportunities. I followed those instructions and submitted my head shots. Two hours had barely passed and I received a call from a casting agency; that is how my television acting career began. I’d previously played a doctor in a stage play years ago. "

"Needless to say, when you obey, God will take your purpose according to the will that He has for your life, put them together and position you in places with people who can help you to discover the impossible about yourself, your destiny, and the place to which God has called you. I’ve ministered to so many people while being on set and on the runway. The best way I can describe it is simple: I’m an actress and I’m a model with a mandate. God sits on every Mountain."

Q: Are you working on any new music?


"I have music out now. “I Ain't Preaching to the Choir”, the album is out on all digital outlets. My video is entitled “I Ain't Preaching to the Choir” and it is available on YouTube. I have features with various independent Christian hip-hop artists including Sammy G, PreacherMan, Saqred, PLA and several others. I will likely release a new single by the summer and be on the lookout for the new project. It's coming soon!"

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