Priest Godsknight Shares Being Kidnapped & Robbed

I started my life like every other dude out there, trying to figure out what life has to offer. The curiosity mixed with talents & energy; I found myself spending more time writing songs and performing in parties & clubs nearby. Enjoying the art, I decided to study music professionally in The Polytechnic Ibadan, against my initial plan to study Actuarial Science/Insurance at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

My music experience started great. I graced many musical shows, models night out, & was earning sufficiently. However, I was a backslider! Early 2010, I began to feel thirsty for God, so I made a pact with Jesus. I didn't even know I was already surrounded by so many enemies who were ready to take me out at all cost.

Jesus came to my rescue when I had an encounter with Him on the 5th of July, 2013.

Two months before that, I was kidnapped & robbed, but God's Grace kept me.

This happened on the 27th of May, 2013 which was Children's Day in Lagos. Due to that robbery, I experienced a major financial setback because I lost most of the music studio equipment & many products I was selling then. Life became really tough, & unbearable. They intensified the battle, till I began to wear rags.

The devil didn't stop, he really wanted me

Priest GodsKnight Nigerian Artist

out so he mounted extra pressure by raising foes in friend's clothing, who poisoned my food, blackmailed me, and cast spells on me. It eventually affected me mentally to the point that I ran mad. My ordeals caught the attention of faithful Christians, who began to intercede on my behalf. Jesus healed me without medical intervention. I'm living proof of what God can do, & my life must keep praising Him in the HALLWAY.

Today, I'm back on my feet again evangelizing Jesus with my talents, and through the WORD; I have a healing ministry by God's Grace.

I invite you to listen to my new song, 'See Tomorrow'. This song came as a reminder that helps me to ignore those days when my back was against the rope & through it, I do hope I can raise a lot of people's HOPE. Listen to 'See Tomorrow'.

Priest Godsknight Lagos Nigeria kidnapped and robbed

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