SaltFlix: New Faith-Based Streaming

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

When it comes to faith-based or Christian film and entertainment, we are short on choices of where to find these movies. Thankfully, there have been some entrepreneurs who have paved the way for more streaming and platforms to share faith-based movies and projects. We are all aware of how much PureFlix has grown, and now we are being introduced to SaltFlix, a multicultural, faith-based streaming service for movies, tv-shows, and even music videos! Of all the choices we do have available, I have yet to see one who offers a space for Gospel artists to be heard and seen. This touches home because Entertaining God Magazine is centered around promoting gospel music, music videos, and creative projects for faith-based talent. Let's hear it from the Founder, James Alford, about the birth of SaltFlix and God's call to film.


  • The Creation of SaltFlix - 3:40 

  • What Sets You Apart From Other Streaming Services? - 7:00

  • Why Is There a Need for More Christian Streaming? - 11:50 

  • What Made You Want to Include Music on Your Service? - 14:05

  • What Films Have You Produced? - 17:25

  • What Do You Feel the Faith-Based film industry is lacking? - 18:45

  • What is Your Vision for the Future of Streaming? - 30:00

  • Get in Touch with James Alford and SaltFlix - 33:00

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