The Battle With Lust

Updated: Aug 13, 2018


James Todd's song, LUST, has been on repeat on my YouTube ever since he released it. I'll be honest, it's a song that I can easily relate to, as many others probably can agree. Lust comes in many forms, so we'll let James Todd take it from here to share his take on it...


Lust is a battle all people have. It has destroyed friendships and marriages. My encounter with lust happened years ago. I was a heavy porn watcher, and before I knew it I became very addicted to it. I recall watching it several times a day! All of this started as a kid... I didn't know about strongholds or devils. I didn't even know at the time that it wasn't right, I just knew that I enjoyed it.

It wasn't until I grew up and got saved that I realized this wasn't of God. Looking back, although being so deep in it, there was someone more powerful than my addiction that could set me free. So one day while sitting at the computer about to click on a porn site, I began to have this tug going on inside of me; apart of me wanted to watch it and a part of me wanted deliverance. So after a couple of minutes of wrestling back and forth, I made a DECISION to allow God to set me free.

This was supernatural!

I remember the scripture that says, "Confess your sins to one another that you may be healed.."(James 5:16) I called a Brother in Christ whom I'd recently just met and told him my struggle. His mother even prayed for me but I felt nothing changed yet after the prayer. The next day the desire was gone! I don't even recall thinking about watching it. This happened in one day and I am a testimony to all who may be in this battle.

"Who The Son sets free, is free indeed."- John 8:36

My name is James Todd. Some people know me as Bee-uh-tifik, which means blessings, happiness, and saint. I was born in Memphis, TN and I'm a minister of the Gospel. I was saved in 2012 but I didn't take my walk serious until a year later. I have released an album called, 'Here's Your Change', which is available on Soundcloud. I am working on an album now and my latest single is titled, 'Lust', which inspired this post. 

Instagram: @jamestoddmusik

Facebook: James Todd Musik

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