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Have you ever wondered if God has a sense of humor? Why did He make comedians? Is it possible for Christians to be comedians? Let's hear it from Christian Comedian Stephon Smith, a Comedian, Actor, Host and Master of Ceremony from Memphis, Tennessee. Stephon has 15+ years of experience in comedy, stand-up, and radio hosting. 

Q: When did you first learn that you were a comedian? Did the people around you also perceive that?

I first learned I was a comedian back in 2002 as I was acting in stage plays for my mentor and mother in comedy from BET, Irma Johnson. She taught me the game and here I am 16 years later still going strong. Others did perceive that as well that's why I had so much support when I said I wanted to pursue a career in comedy.

Q: How do you know God called you to pursue this?

I knew God called me to pursue this when I did my 1st show and received a standing ovation and I also prayed and asked God for confirmation if I should do this and He gave me His blessing.

Q: What challenges did you face and still face now?

The challenges I did face was wondering if I was good enough and learning how to deal with hecklers and nights when it doesn't go so good. What I do face now are haters in the game that don't want to help you when they have the resources. They feel like it's a competition with them when it's enough for all of us to eat and support each other. We have to learn to bless and help each other get to the level we want to be and if one of our brothers or sisters in comedy can help each other then we need to do so. God would be pleased! 

Q: Why do you think God made us to laugh? Does He really have a sense of humor? What in the world does God laugh at?

I think God made us laugh so we won't be angry at everything all the time and learn to just live and enjoy life, even through the bad times. I believe he has a sense of humor...just look at the ugly people LOL (just kidding).

I think God laughs at us when we are happy and how we react to being happy when he blesses us with the desires of our hearts. I also believe He laughs when we seem to go astray cause He knows we know better but He still loves us anyway inspire of our faults.

Q: Is there anything that discourages you from giving your all?

There is nothing too much that discourages me cause I pray a lot but I used to get discouraged by haters. I learned to look over them and let them keep giving me free publicity.

Q: What or who encourages you to keep going?

What encourages me to keep going is my faith in God. Who encourages me is my mom, wife and all of the supporters that love my comedy.

4 Quick Tips For Comedians

  1. Let God lead you and keep Him first.

  2. Study the craft and get your own style, make it your own!

  3. Get on as many stages as you can to get better.

  4. Most of all, learn to be versatile with all crowds.

Q: What do you think is the toughest challenge for faith-based Comedians?

I think the toughest challenge for faith-based Christians is that they have to learn how to have a sense of humor and just laugh and enjoy life. God wants us to be happy! 

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