Treating Pain With Poetry

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The Poet, Angela Washington, is known as the Angel of “Angel of Words.” When Angela made her triumphal entry into the global Christian Media Market, it was as a contributing writer for The Christian View Magazine. She quickly became known for her distinctive style of writing and passionate messages. Renowned musical giant, Joe Beck, once told Angela, "You really have a way with words."

Recently, Angela was led to use her gifts for the front-line healthcare workers during the corona-virus pandemic. This is a wonderful example of practical things we can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Below is a free poem download as a gift from Angela to you ❤

Treating Pain with Poetry by Angela Washington

“Every day I come, what I see on a daily basis, is pain, despair, suffering and health care disparities,” said Dr. Arabia Mollette. Hearing these words and many more from exhausted and emotionally drained doctors and nurses, hurt me to my core. How can a person do their absolute best and feel day in and day out that it doesn’t matter? It makes me think of the line in the song “Just Once” by James Ingram, when he says “I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough…”

God has given me this great gift to encourage others. He has blessed me to write over one thousand inspirational poems; many have been read globally in The Christian View Magazine. Some had been written specifically to encourage a sick friend or a bereaved associate. I know there is healing power in the words God has blessed me to write but how could I reach the medical professionals that needed emotional help to face death and an uncontrollable virus?

I had to reach out to some people that either did not know me or were social media friends but not a real friend. One great thing about Facebook, you can see what profession most people have. Starting with a private Messenger message to

encouraging front line healthcare workers

a physician, I expressed my desire to give away inspirational poems to medical staff members and why I felt lead to do this. Happy and excited, are the only adjectives I need to describe the response from one doctor. As I boxed the poems to be mailed to Florida, I included fifty heartfelt notes. I wanted to personalize this gift and to say thank you in my own way.

Next, I called two local hospitals and left messages for the directors. One had an assistance call me. We conversed about my intentions. Amazingly, that hospital was in the processes of creating a room of inspiration for the staff, filled with many gifts, donations and purchased quotes. Look at God! His timing is always perfect.

Now, a few of my poems will be displayed for the entire staff to see.

Also, many poems will be available for hundreds of staff members to take home, place in their departments, or wherever they need an emotional lift. The house of God is not just where I can hear a good word but a place that helps people that need an uplifting word, too. I reached out to my church administration. After a delightful conversation and a few emails, four different organization will be receiving hundreds of poems, now and in the future. Yes, I want to make money. Yes, I want to not live paycheck to paycheck, especially since I am a furloughed employee but there are some things we must do because it’s the right thing to do.

When the physician is the patient, sometimes the treatment for pain is poetry.

encouraging poem for healthcare workers

Be Anxious for nothing wallpaper poem


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