VeggieTales Returns: Influencing a New Generation

So excited to hear that VeggieTales is on its way back. If you don't know, VeggieTales is a cartoon for kids that taught biblical principles. It was a veeerrrryy popular Christian TV Show and sold 75 million videos, and even aired on Netflix and NBC. It ran for quite some time... Don't you just love when Christian film and business flourishes? I know I do.

At Entertaining God Magazine, we are huge about influencing the next generation. Children today are not growing up doing the same things that aging millennials did (1980s - 1990s). For example, we were growing up playing outside and using our imaginations to come up with something fun. Gen Z'ers are coming out of the womb with tablets and smartphones, having ideas given to them. I believe this generation will be on a whole nother level of creativity and quality of life.

Aging millennials were caught in the beginning of the Information Age and it's obvious that this era will never go away. But the Information Age is transforming and becoming more digital. That means that majority of Gen Z'ers and their kids will be groomed and influenced by all things digital and video. It never has been a more perfect time than now to continue growing God's kingdom in the media sector.

Indeed He is calling more Christians to media and entertainment for this very reason: to make Christ known and preach Good News to the nations.

This will always be the mandate and mission no matter the field. So yes, I am ECSTATIC that VeggieTales has decided to reboot this Fall 2019 and they have plans to focus their mini-season on the fruits of the Spirit leading up to a Christmas finale. If you have kids, it would be great if you tuned in with them. Let's be apart of what God is doing in the media mission field, pray for more laborers in the marketplace.

My source was gathered from a Bott Radio Network broadcast during a car ride home.

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