• Julius J. Bedford,Jr.

What's Your Superpower?

Would you believe it if I told you that there is a superhero that was created with specific superpowers in order to change the world? "It's a bird, It's a plane, no it's YOU!" You were created with talents that other people don't have, you were born with desires that others don't possess. You were specifically created just to be you. There is no one that you should desire to be like except like Christ, the greatest superhero to ever live. Let's briefly look at some lessons that I learned when I analyzed some of the traits of Jesus Christ.

  1. Jesus was authentic. He didn't try to be anyone else, but Himself. Even when He was questioned several times about some of His actions that seemed to be weird to others, Jesus stayed true to His ways which were the ways of the Lord.

  2. Jesus was aware. Jesus maintained the knowledge of His assignment. He never lost focus on the reason why He was sent to the Earth. This became apparent, when He died on the cross with these last three words, "IT IS FINISHED!"

  3. Lastly, Jesus was approachable. It is important to mention that no matter how bad Jesus was treated, He was always available for anyone and everyone. Those who society criticized, He empathized. He showed love and compassion to the point where it cost His life.

christian means "christ-like" like christ

We have the ability to follow this model because we allowed the superhero to enter into our hearts. With Jesus, the ultimate superhero dwelling on the inside of us, there's nothing that cannot be accomplished. But the awesome part about it is that Jesus knew that times would be harder so He also gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to give us extra power. With them on the inside of us, there are superpowers given to our natural bodies which cause us to live life abundantly in the supernatural. Always be AUTHENTIC, AWARE, and APPROACHABLE and make an impact on the world around us!

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