This page is how you contact us to share anything. It's important that you use the proper form to make sure we receive the correct information and that it goes to the right place, otherwise, you may not hear from us! 


Music Press / Projects

Share a new release or any other creative content for us to review, we prefer you to email us directly. Before you email, please review this link about the best way to send us your music and projects. It should be sent in a word document or PDF format, with professional photos, social and music links. Never leave the journalists asking for more information. Email here.

Share Your Salvation Testimony or Industry Tips

If you'd like to share your testimony/industry tips in the format of a reel, blog post, or video, please email us directly here. In your word document or email, please include everything you'd like to share, including social, music, & website links. Also, add your best photos. Never leave the journalists asking for more information :)  

Write For Us

We are currently looking for writers. If you aspire to become a journalist, or if you have a blog with similar content, we'd love to have you join our team for a 6-month period. Apart of our blog is to encourage our creatives to live for God and serve Him with their talent. If you'd like to encourage our readers and challenge them to glorify God in all they do, I recommend viewing this page for our requirements. If you fit the criteria, please send us your name, a document sample of a blog post, with your own personal social and blog links, for review. Email here.