This page is how you contact us to share anything. It's important that you use the proper form to make sure we receive the correct information and that it goes to the right place, otherwise, you may not hear from us! 

Share Testimony/Tips

Use this form if you would like to share some advice in the industry, or your testimony. Let us know in detail what you are sharing. Don't worry about sending everything on this form, we will respond if we need more info from you :) If you have issues submitting, you can always type a document & email it to us. 

Music Press / Projects

Share a new release or any other creative content, we prefer you to email us directly. Before you email, please review this link about the best way to send us your music and projects. 


Send your video to be uploaded to our channel, or your Spotify song to be featured on the 'Not Enough Positivity' playlist. 

Writer Application

This form is for our writers who are applying to be apart of the team (6 month term unpaid). We recommend you view the requirements first before submitting.


Send us samples of writing you've done before or write us a real post now. We might post it 😜


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