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Spotify Promotion

Our Spotify playlists are curated weekly using a curation platform that allows us to rate and give feedback on tracks. We can also share the tracks with other A & R Curators. Our playlists are all organic plays & will not put you at risk for 'take downs'. Follow the steps below to submit your song. 

Step 2: Follow The Playlists of Your Choice

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Destined For Greatness | Workout Motivation

This playlist features some of the best new and old sports and workout motivation songs. From artists like old school Bow-Wow to new school Derek Minor, and more.


Gospel Neo-Soul | R&B Alternative Worship

A playlist that's soulful, jazzy, and about Jesus; from popular & smallscale artists you might not have known. Artists like Leon Bridges, Jonathan Ogden, Montell Fish, Joey Vantes, and more. 


Dark Hip-Hop | Without The Darkness

Didn't think there was such a thing as "dark" Christian Hip-Hop did you? You can enjoy these songs with dark and somber vibes but without the dark and sinister lyrics. Songs by anonymous artist, D'Vo, Tony Tillman, Sevin, NF, and more.


Underground CHH | Christian Hip-Hop

Emerging Christian Hip-Hop Artists who are super talented and really need to be heard. Some of these artists are only on their first projects but are coming out with heat!

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Conscious Hip-Hop | Clean Rap

Positive & conscious hip-hop/rap music with clean lyrics. Featuring Artists like Hulvey, Chance The Rapper, Rockstar Jt, J. Monty, Lupe Fiasco.

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More Than Sexy | Christian & Pop Music

A list of positive and encouraging music that reminds you to be more than sex appeal. Songs from Beyonce, Blanca, KB, Lecrae, and others.


Alternative Hip-Hop | Experimental Music

If you're not into the mainstream sound, you'll love Experimental Music and Alternative Hip-Hop. Listen to artists like the anonymous artist, D'Vo, Cities Aviv, Kool A.D., and more. 

Step 3: Submit Your Song

If you also want press coverage for the song, please send it directly to email. Please include a PDF of the press release, cover art, professional photo, music & social links. 

Thanks for submitting!